PR Firm, Secret Agent

A Colorful and Fun Workplace Designed for Los Angeles PR Firm


WHAT WE LOVED: Secret Agent is a female owned PR firm located in the Madarin Plaza in Los Angeles’ Chinatown. The space is a former retail building that was stripped back to make way for the fun and informal style of the collaborative team at Secret Agent. The company focuses on developing content for some of the most cool and creative talent in the world and needed an office that would match their vibe and set the stage for the work they create—largely for creative businesses.

Starting with a clean, crisp backdrop a graphic Fireclay tile anchors the space and looks a lot like a large piece of art or wall hanging.  Surprising, colorful furniture throughout the space and quirky vignettes keep the vibe alive and ensure the space never feels too officey. The vibrancy of the Secret Agent partners themselves inspired the space and is captured in the color and variety of furniture and in the unique wall art. The result is a fun-filled office that doesn’t rely on typical furniture or styling. Macrame hanging chairs and lots of variety in work styled spaces make the finished product feel less like an office and more like a favorite loungey hotspot.

Designing a workplace for a team like Secret Agent requires a different set of rules than traditional workplace interiors has to offer. Pushing boundaries and being willing to explore new territory can be scary for some people, but ultimately those unusual decisions end up being everyone’s favorite parts. The Secret Agent team is in the business of pushing the envelope and it shows in their office.

Ditching the typical office zoning and setting the space up like a home provides more opportunities for casual connecting. The living room zone is a team favorite and the large glass windows double as an excellent opportunity for exposure and connecting with the neighborhood. The kitchen is the heart of the office and regularly hosts impromptu meetings, team bonding and general hanging out. This kind of casual connection between employees has an overall positive impact on the business as people build trust and develop ideas that might not have come up in an environment with more rigor.