Portsches Fine Jewelry

Boise, Idaho

WHAT WE LOVED: First and foremost, the Portsches family are some of the sweetest, savviest and loveliest people we have ever come across and working with them was a DREAM. For the new location of their already established fine jewelry business, they wanted something bright and happy, but still elegant. We kept the vibe bright and restrained. After a lot of consideration, we decided to go for a big wallpaper move over bits of art. The result? A lot elegant with just enough whimsy.

The vision I had in mind was something I knew I could never pull off without professional help, and thankfully for us, I found designer Kirsten Grove of We Three Design. Working with Kirsten and Nicole was the easiest and most enjoyable part of the whole process. They completely blew us away with the end result and we are constantly told by clients that our jewelry store is the most beautiful in Idaho.

Megan & Philip PortschOwners of Portsche's Fine Jewelry